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A Kyrios Way

Curiosity carries us. 

Like the the river flowing forth 

from aquarian vessels,

we reign. 

Like monarchs 

in our ruling nature,

we require richness. 

We demand gold

and light – in mental,

emotional and material


Constantly querying

we refine our core beliefs.

We quarry and mine,

leaving no stone unturned.

No body untouched. 

No curry untasted. 

No currency wasted. 

This life is for the taking. 

Hidden gems 

buried deep in the soul

provide mineral wealth. 

To benefit our health,

we dig deep

and root about 


No quandary can stump us.

Our crowns expand 

in the light of our sons. 

We grow thick and tall, 

collecting rings 

upon rings

upon rings…

Yet, honor this fact.

Weather we like it 

or not,


we wither. 

We quiver and shake,

shiver, and turn cold.

Until at long last

we fall. 

Find solace in knowing

that the soil lives on

As worms massage 

our aching shells. 

We continue to see

through our seeds;

as our bodies lay down

for rest. 

This pattern is no curse. 

Know that…

This is what cures us. 

Written by a Soul Friend, G. Michael Bowen

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