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I dedicate this day to my parents, who thorough their own commitment to their spiritual journeys I Am.

To my dad, who courageously triumphed from D Day at Omaha Beach to V Day in Germany. A man who loved in the way he expressed himself, the way he listened, told jokes, assisted with homework, cheered at a baseball practice or game and for always just being there. His devotion, delightful sense of humor and a deep love for his family was his spiritual anchor.

To my mom, who believed that all existence was blessed. A woman who looked not to others for glory or admiration but to her own desire to be in relation with herself, others, God, the Earth and all its creatures. She carried the cross in a way that the cross was meant to be carried – in silence – in her heart and in her daily experiences.

Ann Oswald Laird

Phil and Em embarking on their honeymoon

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