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The Ascension Method


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Service Description

What is the Ascension Method? The Ascension Method is a state of aligning with Truth to manifest One’s purpose, direction and motivation. Ask yourself, Do I experience true potentiality? Am I being called to greatness or simply, am I being called to be present to this moment, this time and to this place? If any of these ring true to you continue on and enter in to the matrix of the (AM) Ascension Method. The AM provides tools and techniques for individuals, groups and corporations to embody the principle of pure potentiality. In other words, it a method that utilizes tools and practices that empower individuals to align with their greatness and/or the greatness of the group to manifest from a higher perspective enabling abundance, prosperity, financial freedom and Divine creation to be present in the practices of daily living and/or corporate strategies. The AM is a tool or resource that aligns you, the receiver, with the information, the words and inspiration directly from Source to empower you. Ultimately, you are presented with clarity, purpose, direction and motivation along with the ability to release blockages that have created and/or manifested challenges in one’s life. To encounter the Ascension Method is to walk through the doors of pure potentiality. Like an individual, a business and or corporation have its own signature, which could also be known, as a morphic field. The morphic field is an energetic vibration that is entangled in the experiences of a corporation that is imbedded in the information. The influence on corporate leaders, employees, customers, media and so on is evident in the outcome, results and profits. The AM relies on Divine Intelligence to unfold the techniques and tools necessary to bring forth the clarity, creativity and wisdom required in any situation. In doing so, the ability to transcend obstacles and blockages that have been present begin to take place. The art of allowing an individual and or corporation to move out of victimization and into self-actualization empowers the manifestation and aligns All with success. The AM is designed to meet the receiver(s) just where they are and to align with their greatness.

Upcoming Sessions

Cancellation Policy

Due to the uniqueness of this work we require a 3 day notice to cancel session, classes or lecture events. You will be refunded full payment if this is done in the allotted time frame. Otherwise, there is a 50% of payment fee due and or refunded. Please feel free to contact directly at

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2186 Middlefield Rd, Cleveland Heights, OH, USA

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