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Akashic Ascension Experience Benefits

  • More energy, clarity and focus

  • Peaceful, more centered feeling

  • Healthy, energetically balanced bodies

  • Release mental/emotional blockages

  • Handle the details of life effectively/efficiently

  • Release ancestral patterns

  • Trigger the body to its natural healing potential

  • Increase energy and the healing process

  • Intuitive enhancement

  • Release stress and anxiety

  • Dissipate fear patterns 

  • Move beyond Freewill and align with Divine Will

  • Ignite reason for Being, Higher Self, and your Destiny

  • Move with ease to abundance, prosperity, and financial freedom
    Remember money is just a frequency. 

  • Rebalances your energy field

  • Healthy relationships, Self love.

  • Bring clarity to your souls purpose

  • Activate your potentiality to shift into Divine Manifestation

  • Expand beyond your physical potentiality

  • Let Go.  Manifest change

  • Experience resolution

  • Clear yourself and step into ease

  • Experience Joy, Ease and Grace, Unconditional Love and the unfolding of your Enlightenment


Education and Certifications

Templates Of Light Transmissions

Language of Light Speaker

Akashic Record Consultant

Sampoorna Yoga Teacher

Usui Holy Fire Reiki/Karuna Master

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist

Transcendental Meditation Practitioner

Matrix Energetics

Certified Aromatherapist

BA Religious Studies: Ursuline College

Lightwave, Language of Light:

BA in Religious Studies Ursuline College 

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Activate Your Ascension Journey

As a Medical Intuitive, entrepreneur, visionary, Spiritual and Ascension coach/instructor I blend my innate intuitive abilities, education and certifications.


 My work incorporates a diverse array of spiritual, meditative and contemplative practices. I create Sacred space that empowers myself and others to move beyond 3rd Dimensional constructs to clear pathways, heal and manifest experiences to align the Chakratic and Multi-Bodies creating possibilities for Miracles to manifest.


Opening myself to Spirit I channel the Templates in Light and speak the Universal Language of Light. 

Spiritual Writer and Blogger “Walk the Path Overgrown.” 



Sacred Space to Empower You!

My Mission

I Am called to the Light to ask for the ability to heal, to soften the challenges and to express the joy of what it means to be human.  I AM called to the Light in efforts to provide purpose, direction and motivation and to act upon where we are called.  I move beyond the ordinary to the extraordinary and create Space of possibilities for All souls to experience Grace. 

I Am called to the Light to empower those called to tap into universal consciousness and experience the truth and beauty of our very existence. 

I empower self and others to be one with Source, to be integrated, to be awakened to the limitless possibilities of our very existence, to find within our selves the source of power and to be congruent with Cosmic Consciousness.

My mission is for you to experience in your own way the vast information available to you. For you, to have complete and clear accessibility to the healing energies that upgrade your mental, physical and emotional bodies. I welcome you to experience your feeling of completeness, your feeling of unity and connectedness to All.

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