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Yoga at Home

Ann Oswald Laird

Wellness Intuitive Wizard 

 Akashic Ascension Experience


Meet Ann

I AM the founder of a holistic approach to Mind, Body and Spirit, Akashic Ascension since 2010. My mission is to be open to the mystery of something far greater than self and to encounter in Light the essence of Oneness.

I believe in the full attainability of Spiritual Ascension, to be One with Source and to awaken to the limitless possibilities of our very existence.

My Specializations

As a medical intuitive I incorporate many modalities to foster a unique session for each individual, couple or business.  Aligning with universal forces to embark on a journey to release and awaken is the intention.  Grounded in integrity and authenticity the work releases the core issues of what we perceive to be dis-ease. In doing so, you awaken purpose, direction and motivation. You awaken your Akashic Ascension experience.

Release Blockages

Akashic Record Consult

Reiki/Karuna Holy Fire

Multibody Alignment

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Stress & Anxiety

Chakra Alignment

What Clients Say

"Her ability to bring awareness and understanding to me through compassion and insight has provided me with clarity, removed obstacles, and has brought about healing to my mind, body, and soul."

Merry L.


"I inspire you to consider that this ache that yearns seemingly by discontent and suffering is sometimes the voice of Oneness."

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