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Eight Good Men

Updated: Apr 19, 2021

In showing up, the mountain moved, the stuck uncoiled and the fear subsided. It was as if God itself moved to the forefront as each chest expanded and each man contorted in the knowingness that they too are Light. They too are connected to the vastness of the universal rhythms of space and time.

Surrendering to the letting go, the unveiling of a knowingness far greater than self, each moment built upon the next. As if the cracking of what we call experience was released and forever gone. They too have climbed this mountain and stood at the peak with all its quakes and quivers. They too confronted stillness.

Renewed and free each in their own perfect symmetry as if looking from a new plateau, a higher perspective, more clarity, more resourced and more compassionate. Despite the tremors, the chaos abide, each man awakened for they exposed their truth for all to see. As they stepped out of control and into command they took flight.

Ann Oswald Laird

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