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Ascension Ascension is letting go of what it means to be physical and align with the Higher Self. It is not necessarily not being physical but allowing One’s Self to be closer to the Truth of One’s existence, a Lightbody . To go through the Ascension process is to ascend to a higher state of Being in connection with Self-Others and God. It is the state of where you truly exist, not physical but in Spirit. It is recognizing the Light within Self, Others and All existence. To ascend is to be of Light, in connection, in community. To ascend is to release what no longer serves you. To ascend is to clear patterns, thought forms that keep your consciousness veiled. To ascend is to release attachments. The Ascension of One’s Being is to awaken the Higher Self and to remain awakened. To ascend is to Awaken Enlightenment As above, so below As in Heaven, so on Earth As in Crown, so in Root Without Separation Fully connected to Source Resources

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