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Cycle of Consciousness

I AM abandoning the states of illusion and allowing the Truth of WHO I AM to be my navigator as I transcend the density of what it means to be born on planet Earth. I AM allowing my eyes to see and my ears to hear the joy and the suffering of All about this planet. I Am aligned with the greater good of ALL mankind not just who and what I am in relation to such as my gender, my heritage, my customs, my country…… I AM just as you are. I AM Consciousness.

I AM born of a consciousness that believes in the power of unity, believes in the will of All over the will of self preservation, supports the spiritual journey of self discovery and further recognizes that in that discovery the self is but a seed upon the sandy beach. I AM born of a consciousness that is forever calling me back to my true nature, my Divinity, Oneness.

I AM living upon a planet born of the same consciousness. A consciousness of sustainability for herself and All her inhabitants. A sustainability that depends on the ability to coexist.  A coexist between her waterways, her forests, deserts, farmlands, cities, atmosphere and her inhabitants is detrimental to survival. To thrive as a living consciousness planet Earth seeks sustainability for without it transcends the density and rebirths as always.

I AM co-existing with humans born of the same consciousness. A consciousness that calls us to unity, to be collective, to sustain and to go within. A consciousness that unites us and sustains our ability to co-create, to transcend and to ascend collectively beyond the limitations of a 3rd and 4th dimensional experiences.

The consciousness of Mother Earth is our consciousness and the consciousness of another is our consciousness. Together, Earth and humanity are called to collectively transcend density and duality to allow the awakening of a Oneness Consciousness. In doing so, the shift is made and no longer will it be acceptable to take the life of another for in doing so you take the life of self.

The freedom of self is in the freedom of the collective, not the selective. History paints a picture that is evident to see. The demise of the planet is in direct relations with the demise of human tyranny. Remember however that the consciousness of Earth sustains as does the consciousness of humans. History proves this time and time again. The cycle continues, man is beast, Earth is abundant and again consciousness calls us to Oneness.

Ann Oswald Laird

Sedona, Arizona

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