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Purposeful You

Recognize this within you. Can you be alright with what is? Now is the foundation of a purposeful you. It is the cornerstone of the experiences that are to unfold before you. Be integrity of thought, words and expression. Seek truths. You can never stray when you seek the truth of you.

When you are the victim of someone’s perception-In truth are you what they perceive you to be? It is only their perception, their inability to see the truth of themselves. Do not take on the perceptions of others to be a statement of the truth of who you are.

Only you can harm you.

Say,  “I AM not in alignment with your perception.”

 Greet each experience in truth. Ask for the truth to be revealed.

Seek harmony. Remember who you are.

You have a purpose, a destiny and therefore an entitlement to be a reflection of the Divine.

Ann Oswald Laird

A day in Big Sur, California

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