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I inspire you, awaken to the voice of the universe and follow her wisdom.

Early this morning, the Universe was grabbing my attention as I walked through the Metro Parks. It was as if the squirrels wanted to play and an owl made his way very close to our path.

The squirrel reminds us to be more joyful, to take time to be playful, ease and Grace.  To trust life and to allow space to let go of what we perceive to be so important.

Reminding us that there is balance in giving and receiving, power of rest in times of stagnation and to let down our defenses and to trust more.

The Spirit of the Owl reminds us of our intimate relationship with Spirit. The revealers of the unseen and the guardians to explore the magic of life.

Reminding us of change, the cycles of birth, transition, and death, the masters of seeing in the darkness. seeing beyond the veil.

Awakened by her voice, my day was playful as I explored the magic beyond the veil.


Ann Oswald Laird

Playful day at Comic Con

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